Your baby's Baptism is a time for celebration and joy.  And naturally, you want the best for your baby.  We are here to help you plan and prepare for your child's baptism in the best possible way.  It is your faith in which your Child will follow and we as a parish will be there to support you all throughout this journey.  For your child's baptism is an opportunity for you and your child to journey together in faith and grow in God's love.

Parents are the first teachers of faith and at your child's baptism you will be asked to renew your own faith, and to be a guide and support for your child during their faith and spiritual journey.

Baptism Dates and Arrangements

The Sacrament of Baptism takes place on the First Saturday of each month at 12noon.  At least one months notice of Baptism is required to facilitate preparation for the Sacrament of Baptism.   An information meeting for parents and Godparents is held on the third Wendesday evening of each month at 7:30pm in the Church.  

Please contact one of the Priests of the Parish when you wish to book a Baptism.  Alternatively call into the Sacristy after mass or contact the Parish Office on 01 868 0804.  When booking a Baptism, you will be required to complete a Application Form, which are available from the Sacristy or Parish Office.   Please supply a copy of the Civil Birth Certificate. 

Godparents / Sponsors

One sponsor, either male or female is sufficient for baptism.  Where there are two sponsors, one should be male and the other female.  A sponsor must be a Catholic who has reached the age of 16 and have received the Sacrament of the Eucharist and be Confirmed.  A baptised person who belongs to a non-Catholic ecclesial community is not to participate except together with a Catholic sponsor and then only as a witness of the baptism. 

Living outside the Parish of Cabra

If you reside outside the Parish of Cabra you are requested to provide a letter from the Parish Priest of the Parish of residence stating that you are free to have your child Baptised in our Parish.  You should also attend the Baptismal Preparation Course in your own Parish and a note to that effect should also be supplied. 

Registration of Baptism

After the Baptism, the Priest will record your child's names and details to the Baptismal Register.  This enables a Certificate to be issued when later required.